SEU polo club hosts professional competition at Two Wishes Ranch


Kenny Phipps

Williams Polo versus Texas Military square off in the third checker of the match.

Kenny Phipps, News Editor

Polo teams from across Texas and surrounding states gathered at Two Wishes Ranch in Lockhart for a Texas Arena League competition on Feb. 16. An official, United States Polo Association sponsored tournament, the event consisted of nine teams, 29 players and over 70 individual horses.

The St. Edward’s Polo Club helped set up the event in coordination with officials and referees from USPA. The team also provided food, sold t-shirts and groomed the players’ horses.

Much more time and effort goes into a polo competition than just playing a match, according to SEU polo club president Sebastian Acosta.

“To play a match, you have do do a lot of work,” Acosta said. “You have to take care of your horses, wake up really early, et cetera.”

In addition to grooming the players’ horses, the polo club also used the competition, which was hosted at the ranch where they practice, to make connections with professional teams around the state.

“It’s important to present a good image,” Acosta said. “That’s why we want to make connections, make friends.”

The Texas Arena League is unlike other professional polo associations, according to USPA referee Robin Sanchez. One key difference is the lack of age restrictions or divisions: at the competition at Two Wishes, players ranged from high school athletes to one 74-year-old man.

These differences make the Texas Arena League an ideal association for current and former college athletes, Sanchez said.

“Some people choose their college because they’re playing polo,” Sanchez said. “And then they get out and say, ‘What do I do now?’ They kind of lose that mothership.”