Comedor on Colorado lives up to recent ‘best restaurant in Texas’ crowning


Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

The food served is presented as Instagrammable art. The Comedor first opened its doors on April 16, 2019 and has been growing in popularity.

With so many restaurants in Texas to choose from, to name one the best in Texas is a big statement. Comedor on Colorado Street was recently given this title by Texas Monthly. Serving Mexican food in an upscale environment with expensive options, Comedor is a fitting place for special occasions. 

The dinner menu at Comedor is divided into sections: appetizers (“Para la Mesa”), entrees (“Fuerta”), cocktails, dessert (“Postre”) and Happy Hour. It is recommended that you order everything at once, as the restaurant presents the dishes into courses. 

This is so everything is consumed in the order intended; it also allows time for items that take longer to be prepared. Our server recommended getting two or three appetizers, and one or two entrees to split among the table. 

For my visit, I decided to try two appetizers, one entree and one dessert. The first thing I tried was the quesadilla with Texas mushrooms, huitlacoche corn mushroom and quesillo de Oaxaca. This dish has a delicious salsa on the side and is made using homemade corn tortillas. 

This quesadilla is a step up from any traditional quesadilla I’ve had. It tastes homemade, a staple in quality Mexican food. My favorite appetizer was the smoked tuna, octopus and shrimp tostada with cilantro emulsion and salsa Macha. This is a cold dish meant to be eaten with all the flavors combined; they compliment each other perfectly. 

The entree that I tried was the pork belly with cochinita pibil (a traditional Mexican pork dish) and xni-pec salsa. This is my favorite, as the meat is very tender and the presentation is aesthetically pleasing. It is topped with pickled onions and cilantro, adding wonderful flavors to the meat. 

For dessert, I tried the Tamal de Chocolate, which is a bitter, chocolate dessert filled with chocolate ganache. It is paired with a sweet, caramelized milk ice cream with amaranth grain to balance out the bitterness of the chocolate. The balance of the lighter and sweeter flavor with the richer and bitter flavor is incredible. 

For a more affordable option, there is a Happy Hour taco tasting menu available from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The five-course tasting option is $25 and the three-course tasting option is $15. Happy Hour also includes drinks ranging from $4 to $11. This is only available at the bar, which fills up very quickly. Therefore, it’s necessary to make a reservation or get there early. 

While I can’t definitively determine what the best restaurant in Texas truly is, Comedor definitely lives up to its hype. The dishes are served with impeccable quality, and the atmosphere is very welcoming and elegant. For college students, the Happy Hour taco tasting option is the most affordable, especially when going with a group of people. Because the food is a bit pricey, it is the perfect choice for a special occasion.