ALERT: Change your vote before Trump empties your pockets


Diego Cambioso / Creative Commons

The New York Times report states that Trump paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. In 10 of the previous 15 years, he paid no income tax.

Every straw that hit this camel has yet to break its back. Trump’s jokes about the deceased or those with disabilities made people angry until something else on the news popped up. When he pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, we got upset but set it aside. He has been incredibly insensitive, and that is an understatement to those of color or any religion that is not Christianity. And now, as if the world could not prove to be any less fair, the New York Times was kind enough to let us know the president has only paid $750 in federal taxes in his first two years in office. So, can things get any worse? I’ve decided to stop asking that question, because every time I do, I am once again proven wrong — yes, things can get worse, and they will. 

Trump’s dubious loopholes that only billionaires could get away with are now costing every single American taxpayer to make up for his $73 million tax refund. Yes, even his supporters.

This is for every person I knew in private school who decided to vote for Trump because “he’s a good business man and will do good for the economy,” mainly because nothing else could really affect them. Excuses that come out of Trump supporter’s mouths baffle me every time, but I’ve gotten used to lowering my expectations for them, because in reality, they’re blinded by his manipulation. It seems every excuse is “okay, but our economy is better because of him than when Obama was in charge.”

Here is some news for you simple-minded people. The more taxes this man avoids, the more taxes you have to pay. Oh, and in case you forgot, tax evasion is a crime, and a pretty hefty one at that. So, for those justifying the death of every Black man and woman who was killed by a police officer because they were “criminals” due to their petty crimes, or no crime at all, what do you have to say for your leader? Does he deserve to serve time? Or can he go his merry way doing whatever he wants since it does not affect his supporters?

What if I told you it affects you now? That the man who was doing “great things for the economy” and is a “brilliant businessman” is not so great after all. Last I checked, people who help the economy do not cause their citizens to pay more in tax dollars because of his tax evasion. In fact, brilliant businessmen do not commit tax evasion, or they’re smart enough not to.

You consistently set aside the sexual comments he made about his daughter, because at heart he is a “good Christian.” To you one-issue voters that only elected him because he is pro-life, what now? This tax evasion does not affect fetuses, it affects you. It affects the amount of money you owe the government because a silly man in a white house avoided his civic duty. You are paying for it now. If you want to continue living a free life in America, I suggest you take a hard look at the man you’re selling your soul to. 

For those of you who already dislike the man and will be voting him out of office, share this with your Trump-supporting family members. If you’re frustrated that they support him because the injustices many of us speak out against do not affect them, remind them that his presidency is costing them hundreds, even thousands of dollars.