Local women-owned Austin bakery provides personalized treats for guests


Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

The Sconery currently uses Instagram as a way to communicate with customers and announce new flavors. Orders can picked up on South Lamar.

With so many local businesses popping up in Austin over the last few years, it’s important to make yours stand out and be interesting to the public. The Sconery is an example of a unique local business on the come up in Austin. 

The Sconery is a home business that features unconventional scone flavors while providing a friendly and personalized feel to their orders. Featuring flavors like poblano pepper jack, funfetti birthday, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chunk, there’s something delicious available no matter what mood you’re in. 

“Scones are delicious, but they’re tricky to get perfectly right,” founder Casey Warnick said. “So many people haven’t experienced a good, high quality scone and The Sconery is on a mission to change that.” 

Everyone could use more happiness and positivity with the current state of the world, and The Sconery strives to brighten Austinites’ days through their variety of homemade treats. 

“When treats are handmade and really crafted with care, you can tell,” Warnick said. “I like to believe it can make your moment, your day or even your entire week that much better.”

Food and general safety are top priorities at The Sconery as they offer both delivery and contactless pickup. “Something that is always on my mind is safety,” Warnick said. “Food safety is a top priority and always will be.”

The Sconery offers both full scone orders of eight and half orders of four. Personalized messages are written on boxes of half orders, adding to the friendly experience. 

The care The Sconery takes to make customers feel appreciated is something not seen as much as it should be among businesses, making their scones the perfect gift, or just a pick-me-up. 

The business operates mainly through Instagram, with customers placing orders via direct messages. Their Instagram page provides constant menu updates, featuring gorgeous pictures of their treats. 

Warnick hopes to eventually expand. “One day I’d love to have a bakery combined with a community space,” she said. “Giving back is so important to me and as The Sconery grows, I look forward to finding new ways to support Austin.” 

Even if scones aren’t your breakfast treat of choice, The Sconery’s is sure to change your mind. This woman-owned local business deserves recognition for their hard work, and purchasing from them is a great way to get delicious food while  supporting a local Austin business.