Museum of Ice Cream is a fun, pink paradise filled with sweet, sensory exhibits


Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

The Museum of Ice Cream recently opened its doors to Austin this summer. They have family-friendly daytime experiences and a “Night at the Museum.”

There are so many amazing things to do in Austin, but a new pop-up museum in the Domain might take the cake. Fun for all ages, the Museum of Ice Cream has everything from rides, to treats, to drinks and even a pool full of sprinkles to swim in. The museum has travelled to  New York City and Singapore, and their newest Austin location is definitely turning heads. 

Reservations are booked online, with both a daytime and nighttime experience available. The nighttime experience does involve alcoholic beverages, and while that is not a requirement, it is recommended for those 21 and over. Weekends are typically a difficult time to book , but if weekend slots are filled, the museum is open Mondays and Thursdays as well.

There is a myriad of  activities to enjoy at the Museum of Ice Cream, each in a uniquely  decorated room. The first room starts off with a shot of vanilla vodka for adult participants, which kicks off the party experience. One room has a fully-operating jukebox and sheets of paper with a maze and word search. This room also offers different flavors of soft serve and is great for kids who enjoy those fun brain-teaser games. Another room has a scavenger hunt where the goal is to find as many tiny cherries scattered in the room as possible. This room also has the option of playing fun, interactive games with others, and there are goodie bags of candy to leave with. 

Another room in the museum has a whack-a-mole-type game, as well as a mechanical horse ride and cotton candy. This is one of the smaller rooms, but equally as fun. One of the final rooms has a wall with magnetic letters where you can spell out names and messages or have fun racing to see who can make words the fastest. This room has an assortment of Amy’s Ice Cream flavors to choose from, and even Bailey’s Irish Cream to add if desired. 

The sprinkle pool room is definitely the most interesting room in the museum. Similar to a ball pit, the pool is filled with plastic sprinkles to swim in and sink into. There is a slide and multiple entry points to jump into the pool. Personal items  have been known to get lost in the sprinkle pool, so there are cubbies for everyone to store their belongings in. Also in this room are climbing areas, similar to a jungle gym. At first glance, this may seem like a childish experience , but it has proved  time and time again that both children and adults can enjoy the sprinkle pool. 

There is also a waiting area with merchandise and a full bar with both regular and alcoholic ice cream and other beverages. This is a room you can wait in and enjoy a treat before your reservation, or you can hang out there and enjoy a treat to relax after going through the museum. Not only are there games and treats to enjoy, there is a room for everyone of all ages. This experience is definitely worth trying, both during the day and evening.