A business made from scratch: Locally owned bakery offers freshly-baked artisan breads, sweet rolls


Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

Dõ Bakery specializes in artisan breads and sweet rolls. The bakery is located off East 12th Street in Austin.

The holiday season is the perfect time for treats such as sweet rolls and artisan breads, with so many options available from so many local businesses. It can be difficult to choose where to order from, but Dõ Bakery has everything you need for the holidays or even just when you have a sweet tooth. The business specializes in artisan breads and various sweet rolls, with several options to choose from. 

Chef and owner Camila Velez started Dõ Bakery after working in the hotel and restaurant industry for 10 years and being inspired to start a business herself. As for what made her want to start a business, Velez said in her mission statement, “I want to create a bakery that brings the community together.” She also stated she wants to create an environment “where neighbors walk over to get their daily bread, where families gather on Sundays, where the elders come in early in the morning for their coffee and pastry.” 

While Dõ Bakery is currently a home business, Velez is working on opening a storefront shop very soon. She has worked extremely hard and gifted the community with delicious baked goods that everyone can enjoy. She deserves every bit of recognition she’s gotten. 

One signature item from Dõ Bakery is their Puerto Rican sourdough, pan sobao. It’s soft and filling and goes great with butter or anything you might have for dinner. It’s available in loaf and bagel form, which are both delicious ways to bake it. 

Delicious bread from Dõ Bakery. (Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views)

Dõ Bakery, launched in June of 2020, is known for their sweet rolls first and foremost. Flavors include brownie pecan with toffee caramel and sea salt, red velvet with Bailey’s Irish Cream and apple chai. The bread is freshly baked, making the sweet rolls soft and delicious. 

Recently, the bakery has released their upcoming Thanksgiving menu options. Included in this menu is cornbread, seasonal sweet rolls (listed above), sourdõ, pan sobaõ and a holiday brioche wreath. 

Sweet rolls and bread are perfect for the colder weather and the upcoming holiday season. These treats and baked goods are great to have with any meal and are perfect for all kinds of celebrations. The desire to be personable and close with her customers makes Dõ Bakery very authentic and genuine. Velez also said in her mission statement, “I want Dõ, not only to be a business, but to be part of a community, part of the daily lives of those around me.” Hopefully Velez will have a storefront soon, as it’s something the Austin community could greatly benefit from.