The weather is finally heating up, here are some Austin restaurants with amazing patios

The weather has fluctuated greatly in Austin — from sleeting, to significantly warmer temperatures and then back to cold — but it looks like we are finally getting consistent warmer weather as we head into the spring season. Austin has no shortage of restaurants with outdoor spaces; there are so many that are perfect to enjoy a nice drink or meal outside at.


Vinaigrette is a South Congress spot situated on College Avenue. From the outside, it may not look like much, but this restaurant actually has a gorgeous outdoor seating area. The restaurant is known for their salad dishes, which perfectly complement their aesthetic and outdoor theme. The patio is fenced in, so it feels very private and peaceful. It’s a great spot to take a break from the signature business of South Congress.

The Vinaigrette patio is not only gorgeous, but is a great place to relax outside with a book or a drink. (Isabella Bass/ Hilltop Views)

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Mozart’s on Lake Austin Boulevard has been an Austin favorite since 1993, and their patio is even better than the indoor seating they provide. The patio overlooks Lake Austin, and it’s a great place to take pictures or just relax and enjoy a drink or treat. They’re known for their Christmas light show, but it’s a place that can be just as nice and fun to hang out at as the weather starts to warm up.

Cosmic Coffee

Located a short 3 minute drive or 12 minute walk from campus on South Congress, Cosmic Coffee has a great patio area that both children and adults can enjoy. South Congress is known for being a busy and hectic area, and Cosmic is a great, somewhat hidden spot to take a break from all that. They have chickens outside, which are great for kids to enjoy. There is an outdoor space that occasionally has food trucks or other vendors. Even if you’re not there for the food, there are other things to enjoy doing.

Cosmic Coffee is a great place to enjoy a soda, coffee or beer while escaping the business of South Congress. (Isabella Bass/ Hilltop Views)


Cidercade is known for their amazing pizza and gaming availability, but they also have a nice patio area to take a break from the loud atmosphere of the arcade room. The outdoor patio faces Lady Bird Lake, and they have cool seating such as swings and swivel chairs. If you’re tired out from all the arcade games and activities they provide, you can enjoy the sunset outside in one of their swings while enjoying pizza or wings.

When you need a break from the chaos and loudness of arcade games, Cidercade is there with a great view of Lady Bird Lake. (Isabella Bass/ Hilltop Views)

We’ve braved the ice and sleet for the winter season, and now it’s time to enjoy the warm and sunny weather. These restaurants in Austin not only provide great food and games, but they also have great outdoor seating and patios to enjoy the warm weather outside.