Farewell: Photo Editor says goodbye to the Hilltop

Since my freshman year when I began to write for Hilltop Views, I knew I had found a place that offered community and friendship over the shared bond we all had for the love of journalism. 

I walked into Moody, so nervous, but so excited to start writing for a college publication. It was evident as soon as I walked in that the editors all loved this paper. Whether it be sports journalism, viewpoints or photojournalism, all of the editors were so passionate about this group and the work they do. So when I was asked to be photo editor by Juan Diaz my sophomore year, it took me by surprise. 

I had always considered photography just a hobby, but he showed me that I had a real eye for it and encouraged me to learn and pursue it. Now I know how to shoot, edit, write and publish compelling photo stories. I owe a lot of my success at Hilltop Views to my former co-editor, Juan. Hilltop Views was my starting point, and now I have work published in many other publications, such as Texas Lifestyle Magazine, Quotable Media Co., KXAN’s Studio 512 and more. I am proud to say that because of all this experience and hard work, I have been offered a job as Lifestyle Producer for KXAN’s Studio 512. I could not have done it without Hilltop Views and the connections I made here.

I also owe a lot of gratitude to Curt Yowell and Jena Heath for always encouraging me to pursue my passions and for helping me to find relevant internships that ultimately led to starting a career in journalism. I am entirely grateful for my former and current coworkers that always make me feel supported, people I can truly call friends. We have grown through pandemics, ice storms, political unrest and so much more. I love them so much, and I wouldn’t have had the strength to go on as photo editor without their support. Nina, Elle, Taheera, Milo, Gabe, Andrew, Kelly, Claire, Isabella, Nicco, Odett, Sienna, Audrey – thank you so much for being such wonderful people and hard workers. 

For those of you not graduating, I know Hilltop Views will thrive because of you. Y’all are gonna kill it. Thank you HTV! 

P.S. Thanks mom and dad for buying me my first camera!