Farewell: Editor-in-Chief reminisces on time with student paper

Part of me did not want to sit down and write this farewell, because it means that the chapter of my life spent on the hilltop is over. But another part of me is extremely grateful that I am even able to sit here in front of my computer and type this out. 

When I entered St. Edward’s as a freshman, I knew nothing about myself. I’d just spent the last four years of high school trying to fit in rather than figure out who I was. I had no clue where on campus I would end up belonging, and at 17 years old, I was too shy to put myself out there. But the universe had its way with me, and my freshman seminar was taught by Professor Jena Heath who spoke so passionately about journalism. I was instantly hooked and declared it as my concentration and as one of my minors.

As I found I really, really enjoyed writing for Hilltop Views, I began taking multiple articles a week. When I was asked to step up as Life & Arts editor, I was absolutely stoked. Before me was a wonderful writer and editor, Sierra Rozen, who didn’t hesitate to offer advice that helped shape me into the editor I am today; now I write this as Editor-in-Chief, something that I could not have imagined for myself as a freshman. It sounds cliché but it’s undeniably true. 

I have grown with Hilltop Views these past four years, even as the name on my byline changed, as editors came and went, as a pandemic hit and even as I doubted myself as a writer and member of the St. Edward’s community. The long nights spent in the Hilltop Views office are nights I am incredibly grateful for, filled with memories and print issues I will never forget.

Thank you to Dr. Curt Yowell and Professor Jena Heath for believing in me and guiding me through my time as a student journalist. Every critique and every word of praise is the reason I am still passionate about journalism and will continue to be. You both were my biggest mentors here on the Hilltop and I am so eternally grateful for all your guidance and support. I will take everything you’ve taught me into my next steps.

I want to thank all the fellow Hilltop Views editors I had the chance to work with: Nina, Milo, Nicco, Claire, Gracie, Gabe, Audrey, Sienna, Odett, Isabella, Taheera, Tyler and Andrew. Each and every one of you made coming to budget meetings and production nights fun. I have learned from all of you and appreciate how quickly you all accepted me when I began as an editor.

While my time on the Hilltop has been far from easy as I have been thrown numerous challenges. I am proud to say that while it will be bittersweet to walk through those red doors again, I will be doing so as the writer Hilltop Views shaped me into.