GAME DAY: Women’s soccer endures first loss of the season


Anna Pratts / Hilltop Views

Bailey Williams prepares for a throw in on the Patriots defense.

The most recent women’s soccer game of the season took place Oct. 5 at 4 p.m. on the Lewis-Chen Field. The team lost their first game of the season against the Dallas Baptist University Patriots, who took home a 2-0 win. 

SEU kicked off the game creating goal opportunities with long passes, but DBU, dressed in red, were able to switch the field and score their first goal almost 12 minutes into the game. Creating momentum, the Patriots attempted three other shots, one of which was immediately stopped by Hilltopper goalkeeper, Abby Carlson. 

Bailey Williams attemps a goal on the second half of the game. Anna Pratts / Hilltop Views

During the second half, the team pushed through with intense ball possession on the attacking side, attempting three shots on DBU’s goal. Several player changes were made on both sides toward the end of the game. 

Caitlyn Gonzalez sets the ball back into Hilltoppers attack with a corner kick. (Anna Pratts / Hilltop Views)

At the 84 minute mark, the Patriots restored possession of the ball in the midfield and scored their second and final goal on the back right corner of the net. The Hilltoppers attempted to keep the ball on their attacking field during the last five minutes, but DBU secured the victory. No overtime was given.

St. Edward’s women’s soccer team is now placed third in the Lone Star Conference. See the schedule for women’s soccer here


Izzy Siniscalchi gains possession of the ball. (Anna Pratts / Hilltop Views)