GAME DAY: Women’s soccer face third loss of the season

The latest women’s soccer game of the season took place Oct. 12 against West Texas A&M, facing a 1-0 loss. This is their second loss in the Lone Star Conference.

There was an intense start to the game when West Texas, dressed in black, attempted to score a goal in the first six minutes. With a strong defense, SEU was able to shift the field after attacks by the opponent and attempted to score a goal at 19 minutes. But West Texas regained possession and scored their first and only goal at the 21-minute mark. 

With a first half heavily dominated by West Texas, eight other goal attempts were made, most of which were immediately caught by goalkeeper Abby Carlson. At 44 minutes, MaryAnne Crowe gained possession, and with a surge of energy, single handedly led the ball through West Texas defense but was unable to score. 

During the second half, the Hilltoppers managed to keep the ball on their attacking field, creating many goal opportunities. The opponents were able to switch the field a few times during the last 20 minutes, but Carlson stopped every attempt. In the final 10 minutes, the West Texas goal keeper dramatically intercepted forward Katie Gay’s kick. 

Anna Pratts / Hilltop Views

Despite their perseverance, the Hilltoppers left the field with a final score of 1-0 West Texas A&M.  No overtime was given. 

St Edward’s women’s soccer is ranked fourth in the Lone Star Conference. Stay up to date with the next games here.