Students ‘lipsync for their legacy’ at on-campus drag show, draws in huge crowd


(Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)

Poison Ivy Queen, Anal Fizzure, Sir. Beau Elliot, Maxim and Neura Toxin celebrate their performances together after a successful and packed drag show event in Mabee Ballroom

On Thursday, Oct. 20, Student Diversity and Inclusion and the Equity and Justice Council hosted a drag show in the Mabee Ballroom. This event became packed with many supporters and fans of drag, drag queens and the hand-selected judges.

The significance of the event being on campus was to bring awareness to the meaning and history behind drag.

Surprisingly, drag began during the late 16th century, when female roles were played by men dressed as women in the theater. Today, drag scenes have evolved into safe spaces for people of all genders and sexual identities to express themselves through the art of drag.

The last time this event was held on campus was before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. Excitement filled the room as people spanned the colorful space and began to take their seats. Happy to have the event back, people were shocked by just how many showed up and how quickly chairs began to run out. 

Current student and co-president of the SEU Pride Club Emily Nichols attended the event, “I have never experienced a drag show before and I think it was inspiring to see our community come together out of support of the LGBTQ+ community,” said Nichols.

There were several performers, all current students who were either just starting their drag careers or had been doing these events for a while. The five performers were Maxim, Poison Ivy Queen, Neura Toxin, Sir. Beau Elliot and Anal Fizzure. 

Students filled the room to watch the queens and kings perform. The audience soon began clapping along to the beat of the music to encourage the queens as they performed their sets. (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)
The judges were Erica Zamora (pictured left), Liza Manjarrez (middle) and Alex Barron (pictured right). Each gave their scores and feedback to performers, complementing them on their on-beat dips, twirls, outfits and makeup. “All of the performers did such an amazing job, they really embody the spirit of drag,” said Manjarrez. “It’s so important to have events like these on campus so people can express themselves and their identity.” (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)
Each performer, including Maxim, lip-sang to many different genres of music, like rock and musicals such as High School Musical. (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)
Neura Toxin’s cat-like looks and performance shocked the crowd. She wore a spiked hairstyle, and the judges were pleased with how well she performed in 4-inch heeled boots. (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)
Poison Ivy Queen chose to show out in some very tall heeled boots and colorful hair. (Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)
Anal Fizzure surprised the crowd with cartwheels, leg kicks and popping confetti. The crowd and judges loved her look and personality. Anal Fizzure won the Audience Choice Award.(Kaitlynn Devitt / Hilltop Views)