GAME DAY: Women’s soccer ends season with 2-0 win, places sixth in Lone Star Conference

The university hosted the latest women’s soccer game Oct. 28 against Texas Woman’s University, and they ended the regular season with a 2-0 win. 

The Hilltoppers kicked off the game dominating possession on the Pioneers defense creating goal opportunities in the first 10 minutes. At the 12-minute mark, Emma Viquez drew a free kick, which got caught at the defensive wall, but Julia Spielmann managed to regain possession and sent the ball to the upper left corner of the net, scoring the first goal 13 minutes in. 

The team kept the energy high after the goal, with Jessica Hyde single handedly leading the ball to the Pioneers defense once again. At the 20-minute mark, TWU shifted the field and attempted to score, but they were immediately stopped by goalkeeper Abby Carlson. During the rest of the first half, ball disputes were intense, and both teams attempted to score several times, all unsuccessful.

The second half started with another goal attempt by the Pioneers, but it was once again blocked by Carlson. Another six goal attempts were made by the Hilltoppers over the first few minutes of the second half. Around the 60-minute mark, Viquez sent in a corner kick at TWU’s defense, leading the ball to Hyde, who scored the second and final goal. 

With great team cooperation and intense defense, the Hilltoppers finished the season with a 2-0 win over Texas Woman’s University.

St. Edward’s women’s soccer team ends the season with a 9-5-4 record and a 5-4-3 Lone Star Conference record, placing sixth overall.