CLUB SPORTS: Rugby secures win in homecoming game during overtime


Melissa Gunning / Hilltop Views

Team members gather in celebration over their homecoming win against University of Houston.

The SEU Rugby Football Club played its first home game against the University of Houston on Oct. 29 during the homecoming weekend celebrations, clinching their first victory of the season in overtime.

Going into the game with a 0-3 record and having already lost the first game of the season to UH, captain Michael McNulty’s goal for the team was to keep the game smooth and sound.

SEU scored the first points of the game nearly halfway through the first half. A successful try and subsequent conversion earned the team seven points. 

Tries are touchdowns in rugby, and each successfully-completed try gives the team five points. Completed tries are also followed by a conversion, which is an opportunity to score two more points by kicking the ball through the goalposts.

UH then had a successful try, putting them on the board with five points.

A penalty was called on UH. SEU was then given the opportunity for a penalty kick, which they successfully completed. When awarded another penalty kick, SEU hushed the crowd in order to secure another two points.

Before the end of the first half, UH was able to complete a try but had no luck with the conversion, meaning only five points were awarded.

Halfway through the game, the Hilltoppers lead 13-10. The St. Edward’s Topperettes performed at halftime to entertain the crowd.

The second half began with cheers of “Here we go, Toppers!” from the crowd.

UH broke through the defense to complete a try, followed by their first successful conversion of the game. SEU was no longer in the lead for the first time since the game started. Scoring another try put them back in the lead by one point.

A penalty called on SEU gave UH another three points on the board. The score was held at 18-20, with the  Hilltoppers trailing behind.

With less than 10 minutes left of the second half, another penalty was called on SEU. UH earned another three points.

SEU scored another try, but the missed conversion meant the score was still tied at 23-23.

Even though the clock ran out, play continued. SEU kept possession of the ball as the crowd started to chant “S-E-U.”

Despite UH’s best attempts to take SEU down, they could not stop the final try and conversion. SEU put seven points on the board in overtime, making the final score 30-23.

This game is SEU RFC’s first victory of the season, bumping their season’s record to 1-3. Their next game will be a home game at 1 p.m. on Nov. 19.