South Austin’s very own cat lounge


Isabella Garza / Hilltop Views

Located on 2300 South Lamar Blvd, Unit 104, “Purr-fecto” allows visitors to book a reservation to visit the lounge and play with the cats. The lounge is spacious and clean, featuring seasonal decor that fills every corner. Most importantly, the lounge has the most adorable cats that are all ready for your attention.

Austin, Texas- “Purr-fecto Cat Lounge” is Austin’s best cat lounge experience. “Purr-fecto” partners with two Texas-area cat rescues and Iris Coffee, a nearby coffeeshop, to give visitors a chance to play and interact with adoption available cats while enjoying their cafe beverage of choice.

When entering the lounge area, you will surely be greeted by one, or multiple, of the cats. I was greeted by a beautiful tabby cat named Hazel, who at the time I visited the cafe, had been there for a couple of months. (Isabella Garza / Hilltop Views)
Shanti Stuesser, an employee at the cat lounge, said, “The best part about working here is seeing all of the cats grow here. They become more comfortable not only with the other cats, but the visitors here too. They become themselves here.” Here, Stuesser made sure to chose the most photogenic cat out of the bunch to pose in front of their iconic neon sign with. (Isabella Garza / Hilltop Views)
During my visit, Hazel wasn’t afraid to get up close and personal with me. While shy and timid at first, it wasn’t long before she started rubbing herself against my legs and following me around. One of the employees told me, “She is usually not this sociable and playful with anyone. It takes her a lot to get attached. She must be getting very comfortable with you.” (Isabella Garza / Hilltop Views)
It is very likely you will fall in love with a cat here at the lounge (or perhaps all of them). Pictured here is another cat I grew very attached to during my visit named Chester. He made sure to strike a pose on top of the fluffy tower. (Isabealla Garza / Hilltop Views)
“Purr-fecto” partners with the Sunshine Fund and Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue to reduce euthanasia and increase adoptions to avoid overpopulation in shelters. The lounge hopes to build off of the city of Austin’s reputation as being the biggest “No Kill” city in the nation, sheltering over 18,000 animals each year. (Isabella Garza / Hilltop Views)