Hillfest 2023


Evan Younger / Hilltop Views

One of many fun games that drew longer lines was this balloon dart game. Not as easy as it sounds, many people waited in long lines to take a shot at the small balloons on the wall, quickly getting right back in line to try again.

Lights and music caught the attention of those just arriving at this year’s annual Hillfest celebration. Upon initial arrival, attendees who had checked in and had their wristbands were offered drinks and welcomed into the event. Guests ranged from students to faculty and staff to parents to alumni and more. When attendees walked in, they were greeted by a variety of carnival games like ring toss, balloon darts and shooting hoops. There were also some less conventional rides to take part in like rock wall climbing, a fun slide and even a mechanical bull. There was something for everyone among the almost overwhelming amount of things to do. 


Brand new to Hillfest this year was the fun slide, which had families and friends racing each other to the bottom. Riders chased each other up the stairs to see who could come back down again the fastest, making for a fun night had by all. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Students, faculty and family formed long lines at each of the games, though the ring toss was much faster paced. Even with such a quick turnaround, people gathered eagerly to try their hand at landing the ring on the duck’s neck and taking home a prize. (Evan Younger / Hilltop Views)
Having a DJ perform each year has been a long-time Hillfest favorite. This year’s show was energizing as the DJ called the crowd onto the floor to dance the night away in between games and rides. (Evan Younger / Hilltop Views)
After a long night of playing games, going on rides and maybe even getting a tattoo, students stood and waited together to end the night with some delicious local food. Some food trucks were even taking Topper Tender, attracting quite the crowd. (Evan Younger / Hilltop Views)
Hilltop Views editors Chloe Almendarez and Claire Lawrence posing in their brand new Hillfest t-shirts. Shirts were being handed out for free at the back of the event, first come, first served style. Though the table ran out quickly, many students were seen walking around the event sporting these shirts. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)