Cardenas elected SGA president


Sens. Jamie Cardenas, left, and Carlos Martinez won the 2016 SGA presidential and vice presidential elections. They will be sworn into office on April 28.

This story has been updated throughout.

Presidential candidate Jamie Cardenas was elected the 2016-2017 Student Body President with 58.13 percent, or 425 votes, beating out Big Event coordinator Anna Lopez who received 41.86 percent, or 306 votes.

In effect SGA Sen. Carlos Martinez was elected vice president as opposed to Sen. Ben Griffith.

The Cardenas-Martinez campaign team issued the following statement to Hilltop Views in reaction to their win:

“We are immensely grateful to the student body for entrusting us with this amazing responsibility. We are humbled and honored and will execute the office of President and Vice President to the best of our abilities, striving to fulfill all we have set in motion as well as collaborating with Anna and Ben to make the hilltop that much better.”

The Cardenas-Martinez spent $362.84 according to campaign expense reports released by SGA Elections Commissioner Faith Castillo. Their money was spent on a website, wristbands, posters, Snapchat filters and more. The Lopez-Griffith campaign spent $266.74 on items including shirts, pizza, donuts and more.

We were not frugal in spending so that the student body knows who we are, said Martinez.

“We’re really humbled and honored that the student body came out and supported us,” he said.

There were two referendums on the ballot for students to vote on. Students voted yes, with 72.91 percent in support, to establishing a Green Fund to finance sustainability on campus. Students also voted yes to establishing a Smoke and Tobacco Free campus, with 61.69 percent in favor.

The senatorial candidates are all officially elected being that there were only 11 people running for 12 open spots.

Ashley Esparza: 369

Jovahana Avila: 354

Greg Reck: 325

Carla Colacion: 320

Lauren Ortega: 291

Jade Patterson: 288

Victoria Mayorga: 284

Carlos Alpuche: 284

Oliver Guerra: 262

Timothy Briones: 255

Cynthia Teran: 240

Last year, there were 718 votes in the SGA election and this year, the election committee launched the “Top the Vote” campaign to get more students voting. The campaign was a success as 731 students voted, a new record.

Candidates will be sworn into office on April 28.