Clinton dominates Democratic debate, destroys socialist Sanders

This article is part of a face-off: to read the other viewpoint in which Anthony Wolf argues Sen. Sanders won the argument, click here.

Last week’s Democratic debate cemented Hillary Clinton as the front-runner and eventual nominee of the party. Clinton knocked out every single one of her so-called competitors.

On stage she looked and sounded presidential — something no candidate, Republican or Democrat, can say.

All the talk about Clinton’s campaign collapsing is, to steal a term from Vice President Joe Biden, malarkey.

Speaking of the veep, Clinton also destroyed any chance of him jumping into the race. There is no room for Biden in the field politically.

Biden can’t go to the left because a socialist occupies that. Biden can’t go to the right either because of former Sen. Jim “I killed a man” Webb and party flip-flopper Lincoln Chafee. Biden, you missed your opportunity to run for president. Maybe Clinton could use you as secretary of state.

Clinton completely took down socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. She attacked him from the left on guns and from the right on capitalism.

“When I think about capitalism, I think about all the small businesses that were started because we have the opportunity and the freedom in our country for people to do that and make a good living for themselves and their families,” Clinton said. “I don’t think we should confuse what we have to do every so often in America, which is save capitalism from itself.”

Now that sounds like a president. Sanders sounds and looks like an angry muppet that thinks it can start “a revolution.” Has this guy not read the history books or polls? Americans do not want and will never elect a socialist president.

Less than half of Americans would vote for a socialist, according to Gallup.

Usually when a president is elected, he wins with a bit more than 50 percent of the popular vote and 270 votes in the electoral college. Based on that poll data, Sanders would clearly fail and probably bring down all Democrats down ballot.

All Clinton has to do is build upon Obama’s base of women and minorities to be elected president. Last time Obama won he won with 51.1 percent of the popular vote and 332 electoral votes. In other words, it’s smooth sailing for Clinton in the general compared to Sanders.

Clinton knows what it takes to win and, more importantly, knows how to get things done. Basing the winner of a debate on low name recognition is insane.

If that were the way we figured out who wins debates, Chafee would be at the top of the polls. That’s not the case.

Americans want a leader who knows how to get things done; knows how to compromise; knows how to be reasonable while everyone goes to the fringes of politics; and one who didn’t vacation in the Soviet Union. And that’s Hillary Clinton.

Clinton and Sanders are in a dead heat in New Hampshire, according to a poll by Suffolk University and the Boston Globe. New Hampshire is a state that is mostly white and looks nothing like America, and Sanders very well may win it. But that’s as far as his campaign goes.

What difference does it make if Clinton loses a white state?

She won it last time, now it’s time to win the White House.