Newly formed club tennis causing a racket with unexpected success


Tennis club is new to St. Edward’s.

Club tennis, one of the newer sports in the scheme of the many club sports St. Edward’s University has to offer. Although new, club tennis is rising in their expansion of players and overall success as a an organization.

The team is led by sophomore president Arthur Flores and Victoria Cavazos.

Over the summer Flores was contacted by Andy Lemons, director of Campus Recreation, in hopes to take over the team since he was a previous member of the club. With much excitement, he took the position and is now leading the team literally.

A fun fact about club tennis is that they do not have an official coach yet. Since the team is fairly new, they have not found someone to coach them.

However, they did not let this stop them from their dedication toward the team. With the help of co-captain, sophomore Victoria Cavazos they successfully run the practices together every Tuesday and Thursday.

“I’m happy with the skill level and amount of players that come out to play,” said Flores.

As a tag team, they run the practices for their teammates. Flores admits to this being a challenge saying, “It’s peer leading peer, so at first I thought this would be hard to earn their respect.” But, to his surprise he was impressed with the respect from his other teammates, who listen to him and participate in the drills instructed.

Currently, the club is busy making schedules where they hope to compete against other club tennis teams, such as Trinity University in San Antonio.

The team is also looking to become more involved in United States Tennis Association (USTA) in Austin to showcase their talent. Slowly but surely, the success of the team for their future is rising with the dedication of multiple members and their involvement with the organization.

As a whole, the team is bonding well, sophomore Jacob Solis said.

“The team is very diverse, there’s a lot of people from different grades and they make practice fun,” he said.

Club tennis would like to welcome any new players to the team who are interested in becoming involved.

Whether students would like to compete at a higher level or simply pick up a new hobby — the door for club tennis is wide open.