Freshman forms club tennis team


The semester is coming to an end, and while most students are busy preparing for final projects and exams, Christina Haynes, a freshman Kinesiology major, is busy rebuilding the tennis club, which had been absent from the St. Edward’s community for a few years now.

While the club may not be in full swing yet, Haynes, along with other tennis club members, meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 p.m to 7 p.m and every Sunday from 2 p.m to 4 p.m at the tennis courts, which are located beside the baseball field.

“I personally did not get to play tennis very much last semester, since the courts are only open to varsity or club tennis,” Haynes says. “And since there wasn’t club tennis, and that was something that I wanted to do, I wanted to be able to play tournaments and just really get out and be on the court with other Hilltoppers.”

The only things required for joining them for practice is a racket, tennis balls (if you have any), a good pair of running or tennis shoes and “a good attitude and love of the sport,” Haynes adds.

For now, the club will not be asking for fees nor will they be competing. However, when the fall semester rolls around, Haynes expects a fee will be present.

The fee will serve to pay for anything the club might need, including a coach and uniforms, among other things needed to run a club. It is important to note that the fees will depend on the amount of people who sign up to be in the club. The more people there are, the smaller the fee will be for each player.

Next semester, the club will also start sending off players to compete in tournaments, which will serve to prepare them for the United States Tennis Association’s state, regional and national championships.

However, so as not to scare off interested players, Haynes also adds that even if someone is a beginner, they will be welcomed into the club. After all, the only thing Haynes hopes to accomplish is for people to go out on the courts and play, including playing tournaments.

Haynes encourages anyone interested to join and is happy to have people become new members. 

Register for the St. Edward’s club tennis team through CollegiateLink by searching “Tennis Club” and requesting to be added to the roster.