The best stuffing about Thanksgiving

Staff Writer

Thanksgiving began as a way to thank the Native Americans for helping the less than adequate pilgrims figure out how to feed themselves. It continued throughout our history slowly losing its meaning and becoming a holiday devoted to food.

The Thanksgiving dinner table is home to dishes ranging from the classic pumpkin pie to the bizarre Turducken. No matter what you find at the dinner table, it will almost always be delicious.

The Classics:

Pumpkin Pie 

Pumpkin pie allows for a perfect transition between the Jack-O-Lanterns of Halloween and the sweets of the holiday season. With its classic fall flavors pumpkin pie is the perfect way to end Thanksgiving dinner.

Cranberry Sauce

A personal favorite, Cranberry Sauce has the power to make even the driest of turkey delectable and moist. It has a home on every plate, on each serving, and at every table no matter how it is prepared, though some recipes get a little crazy.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Just imagine the gooey, toasted marshmallows sitting on a bed of sweet but savory sweet potatoes just begging you to take a bite.

Sweet potato casserole is the only tolerable casserole and for good reason. Its savory aspects combined with the sweet make even the most seasoned of meal planners to question its place on the table.

Does it really matter? No matter when it is served all of it will be in my stomach.

The Wild Cards:


Wonder how to spice up the boring Thanksgiving dinner table? Why not shove a chicken inside of a duck and then both into a turkey? Turducken and its bizarre combination of poultry will amaze all of your guests and leave many speechless. It won’t make anyone think of that episode of “Friends.”

The Cherpumple

Inspired by the Turducken, the Cherpumple is a grand dessert with three layers all equally important to the season. The base layer is pumpkin pie, followed by cherry, and topped with apple. Each pie is encased in its own cake flavor and iced with plenty of frosting.

The Grossest Thing:

Green Bean Casserole

No one will eat this nasty, slimy, mushy excuse for a food. Green bean casserole has no home anywhere especially not beside the delicious Thanksgiving foods everyone loves to consume.

Green beans are trying to disguise themselves underneath all of the ingredients tricking unsuspecting victims into what they want more than anything — to be eaten.

This Thanksgiving, be strong and don’t fall to the convincing ways of green beans.