Rugby team looking to win state, national championship

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This year’s rugby team looks to grow on last season’s success, which included winning a state championship.

“We have achieved so much as a team these past four years and that is because we have always expected the best out of ourselves. We set high goals and spend the whole season working towards those goals,” Junior Club President Richard Alanis said.

The team is already off to a great start, beating notable Division I schools. The rugby team is coming off a successful outing as they defended their title at the Heart of Texas Tournament, going 4-0, including beating Baylor University in the championship game by a score of 19-12. It was extra sweet to some players because Baylor handed the team a tough loss in a friendly scrimmage earlier this year.

One of the reasons for the rugby team’s success is because they stay loose before games and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

“We have a chant before games where we are in the middle of the pitch and we all chant ‘SIEG BOCK’,” sophomore Pablo Nasta said.

When a team is competing for a national championship, it takes strong leaders to keep that goal on track. This year’s squad is led by Captain Luis Zaragoza and Vice Captain Alec “Wisconsin” Forrer. With enough experience to compete with the best of the rugby teams in the nation, this team looks to compete to win it all.

“This year we have a lot of newcomers who want to contribute to our rugby team’s recent success. Coming off of a deep playoff run last year, we want to return to the playoffs and leave as the best in the nation this time around,” player Zac Silverman said.

Besides winning a championship this team’s main goal is to become closer as a team while also continuing to grow as a team.

“You play better when you can truly trust the guy standing next to you on the field. You play harder for someone when you know he was out there in practice giving it everything he had just like you. The bonds I have built with some of the guys the past couple years has been the most worthwhile aspect of being a member of this club,” Alanis said.

This team is able to stay so close because they are able to have a good time while playing well against opponents.

“As a team we all have different methods of getting ready but we all have a good time. I listen to my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers song, Californication. I then proceed to watch funny youtube videos to lighten up. On the way to the game, I always listen to Three Days Grace,” Nasta said.

As a unit this team looks to make all it’s opponents fear the goat. To see more about this year’s team check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @SEURFC.