Men’s lacrosse team looking to win championship


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Character. Discipline. Brotherhood. These three virtues are what the St. Edward’s University’s men’s club lacrosse team live by. The boys are currently in pre-season patiently waiting for their first game on Jan. 31.

Last year, the team played some tough competition. They ended their season with an intense game against Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Although they fell short, 9-12, they still beat large teams like Rice University and the University of Tulsa.

However, this year is an all-new game for players. With many returning and fresh new faces, the lacrosse team is one you will not want to miss.

The newest president to lead the men’s team is junior Michael McNulty. As president, he has many goals for his teams to reach, the biggest being winning a championship trophy.

“We ‘ve always made it to playoffs, but this year we want that trophy,” McNulty said. “The squad is young, but looking talented. We have Bill Rechler from Long Island, New York who is going to be a great asset to the team with his incredible face-off talent.”

Their biggest competition in the league is Sam Houston State University. Last year, they lost by one point. So this year they’re making extreme efforts to prepare for that game. While in pre-season, the team practices three times a week.

When they can’t be on the field, many of the players are putting work in at the gym to ensure they’re still working out. These exercises are a part of the many steps toward building a stronger team to create a successful year.

Sophomore Lukas Jensen is another key player on the team.

“It’s easy to tell the team’s returning players have gotten better,” Jensen said. “Also, we’re a young group, so there’s a lot of time to grow together and learn how to play as a team.”

A new face on the team to look out for is freshmen Sam Bova.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know the guys on the team and having the opportunity to play my favorite game,” Bova said. “The older players are really good leaders and create a welcoming atmosphere for us.”

This statement keeps the brotherhood going. As a whole, the team sticks to their one major goal: to take it all this year.

So if you want to catch some exciting games and see new faces, don’t miss the big day: Jan. 31. You can see all the hard work the team has been putting in.