South Congress pizza wars: Southside Pizza or Homeslice?


Southside Flying Pizza has three locations; one on South Congress, one on South Lamar and one food truck off Sixth Street and Comal. The South Congress location is within walking distance from St. Edward’s University, and just five minutes away by car.

The restaurant is very cozy and funky. From the crazy artwork on the walls inside to the graffiti that covers the walls outside, the restaurant definitely fits in with the South Congress vibe. The space is not necessarily big, and the line to order shrivels in comparison to the long line often found at the iconic Congress pizza place, Home Slice Pizza.

One of the main differences about Home Slice and Southside is that Southside has a specialty menu, and you can also make your own pizza.

Freshman Rebecca Darling still prefers Home Slice.

“Southside has really good salads and it’s really nice because you can customize your pizza, but I like Home Slice more,” said freshman Rebecca Darling.

Freshman Victor Gonzalez also agreed that Home Slice is better, but believes the choices at Southside Flying Pizza are more diverse.

“Southside has more variety in its menu than Home Slice,” said Gonzalez.

A major perk about the restaurant is that it takes Topper Tender. Finding a good establishment that takes it, and having it be in walking distance from campus, is truly wonderful. This is great for students who would rather use their Topper Tender to buy meals outside of St. Edward’s.

Plus, the pricing is reasonable. Their large specialty pizzas are $17; split between three people, it yields about two and a half slices each. Southside will also split the bill for customers.

All in all, Southside Flying Pizza is a great restaurant that’s definitely worth trying. The pizza is awesome, the pricing is good and they take Topper Tender, so where can you go wrong?  

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