British center back Hoskins adapts to life in U.S.

Position: center back

Fun facts: Likes to run with bulls during the summer.

Favorite Music: Oasis

  It was in Portsmouth, England at the age of 8 where Owain Hoskins fell in love with soccer. His father ran a local team in Fareham, not too far from Portsmouth, where Hoskins got the chance to play with the older kids.

“For me, soccer is not just about playing,” Hoskins said. “It is about developing as a person.”

While Hoskins enjoys the comfort and family atmosphere that the team brings to him, he also revels in fierce competition.

“I love the rush you get when you win,” Hoskins said. “When hard work pays off, that is really the best feeling.”

It was the fellowship and spirit that drew him to St. Edward’s University. Had he chosen an education in England, Hoskins would not have had time to develop his skills. He was torn with the decision to either play the sport he loved or get a degree: a non-existent dilemma for a student athlete.

His move to Austin has not come without its adjustments. In England, when the ball is out of play, they don’t stop the clock, instead adding extra time. Hoskins has also been adapting to the Texas heat. Regardless, he is enjoying his time here.