Royal family to have another baby, Americans don’t really care


When the news was first released, it seemed like Americans were overjoyed and invested, despite the fact that Middleton isn’t even our Duchess.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant again!

Middleton has been absent from several public functions due to hyperemesis gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness. She also experienced this over a year ago when she was pregnant with Prince George.

When the news was first released, it seemed like Americans were overjoyed and invested, despite the fact that Middleton isn’t even our Duchess. Within minutes of Clarence House’s official announcement about the new baby, “#RoyalBaby” and other similar names topped the trends.

Weekly issues of American pop-culture magazines like People, Us Weekly, and Star all featured the breaking news on the front page.

Tabloid magazines have been running pregnancy-related stories ever since the big reveal. The world is up to date about just about everything royal baby related: from Middleton’s bed-ridden state, to she and Prince William already deciding to get a nanny to help with their second child. Magazines have published all of these details, and yet, Middleton is barely seven weeks pregnant, if that.

These stories would make it seem like Americans actually cared about news concerning the royal family. However, the results of a recent Huffington Post and YouGov survey, in which 1000 U.S. adults were interviewed over the course of two days, reveals that Americans really don’t care that much about the royal baby news.

Only 7 percent of respondents said they have been following the royal baby news very closely; 7 percent of respondents said they were very excited by the news. A much larger 56 percent of respondents said they think the news media spends too much time covering news about Great Britain’s royal family.

I decided to conduct a little poll of my own here on campus, and I found that 100 percent of the people I asked only knew that Middleton was pregnant again due to the attention her pregnancy received on social media the day the announcement was made. None of my respondents looked into royal family news any further.

Senior Addison Outlaw said, “I don’t follow the royal family at all. I knew Kate was pregnant again, but only because I skim the covers of tabloids while I’m in line to check out at the grocery store.”

Similarly, senior Ruel Butler said, “I heard she was pregnant, but that’s about it.”

So, not many people here in America follow news about the royal family. My roommate’s boyfriend is a native of England, and even he doesn’t care about news concerning his own royal family, which is a little shocking. Either Englanders are more concerned with Scotland and their recent independence vote, or the royal family is becoming less and less important.