Parking tickets can be appealed by SGA


Parking tickets are assigned in the highest frequency at the beginning of each semester, according to Jeffrey Lancaster the Chief Justice of the Student Government Association Court of Appeals.

The University Police Department and its student workers distribute the tickets.

Students who receive tickets can appeal them through SGA. Lancaster said the average number of appeals seen every month is between 40 and 60 with an 85 to 95 percent student success rate.

If you get a ticket and would like to appeal it, the first step is to head to the SGA office in Ragsdale room 304. 

Out front, there is a cubby with slips that students can fill out and turn in to appeal their case. 

After that, the appeal gets put in the system with other appeals on a first come first serve basis. Court is held every Friday and students awaiting appeal will hear from SGA via e-mail to confirm their court date.

The Court of Appeals is made up of SGA members. There are five justices, and the court consists of a minimum of three justices per session plus the court clerk who keeps documentation without factoring into the decision.

“Most people come in with their story, and we’ll take their word for it. If someone has particular pictures, evidence or a witness, it helps,” Lancaster said. “We’ll let them know our decision within a week.”