No-hitter for sophomore pitcher Sarah Debrow

Sophomore pitcher Sarah Debrow pitched a perfect game and a no-hitter on the weekend of April 12-14.  

Shelby Cole: How has the team been doing this season? 

Sarah Debrow: We started off the season really strong and then kind of went for a little bit of a ride up and down, which a lot of teams tend to do. But I feel like lately, especially since the mid-season, we’ve kind of hit an upward climb and we’re doing really well.

SC: How did this weekend go?

SD: First we played [Texas A&M] International and I threw my first ever no-hitter. Exciting is kind of an understatement. Then, we had West Texas A&M as our double header Sunday, and I feel like as a team, we kind were seeking a little bit of revenge because we played them earlier in the season and lost. One of the games we were up 3-2 the entire game, and in the bottom of the seventh, I was pitching, we had two outs and I gave up a walk off three-run home run. Completely heartbreaking for all of us, especially me. But that happens in the sport all the time, and it just really bummed us out and kind of got us down.

SC: What do you do when that kind of thing happens? 

SD: I take it extremely hard. It’s not like I leapt over the plate for her, but it’s my fault; I was pitching. And it’s not my fault that we lost because it’s always a team effort, but I’m like “Yeah guys, that’s my fault.” 

SC: What do you do to get back in the saddle?

SD: For about a half hour, I spent time alone, but we still had a game to play after that, so you have to give yourself some time to beat yourself up but then you have to get back at it. But then when I found out that we were playing them again here, it was our chance to get them back. We lost the first game 6-2, which is a good game on both sides, but then the second game, it was a completely different story.

SC: Will you explain what a no-hitter is?

SD: Well, the no-hitter was Friday against International. It was a no-hitter as well against West Texas, it was a perfect game because I didn’t walk anyone either. Everybody was up in the dugout, the energy level was out the roof.  

SC: Are you a celebrity on the team now?

SD: No, I was almost crying on Sunday, though. I love my team so much and I feel like everyone loves each other. I’ve never been a part of a better group of girls.

SC: What got you into the sport? 

SD: I was six years old, walking with my dad, and we lived kind of close to some softball fields. And one day he was like “Hey, do you want to play softball?” And I pictured a giant, red bouncy ball. I thought he meant kickball. He put me in it, and I just have played ever since.

SC: What’s your biggest accomplishment in the sport? Is this weekend pretty high up there?

SD: I would probably say this weekend, the no hitter and the perfect game are probably my biggest accomplishment ever. 

SC: I know you’re a sophomore, but what is your big end-of-graduation dream?

SD: With my life? I’m a communications major, but I kind of started in business. I would love to end up managing, kind of in the corporate setting somewhere. I would really like to do that.

SC: Do you have any weird habits that you would be willing to share with the world? 

SD: Everyone tells me I’m a weird person, so I know I do, I just don’t know. I love pickle pops

SC: What is a pickle pop?

SD: You’ve never had one? Oh my gosh. You just take pickle juice, you freeze it and it’s a pickle pop. You should totally try it.