Athlete Profile

This is a profile of Alice Adams ’11. She was a founding member of the Campus Recreation organization Group X Fitness. Group X Fitness classes are available to all St. Edward’s students for a price $25 semester (for unlimited classes). The first two weeks are always free for students who want to experiment with the program.

Claire Stone: What would you tell a freshman about Group X Fitness in 30 seconds?

Alice Adams: I think I would say just come and just do it. It’s an awesome and fun way to stay in shape and de-stress. You can take a variety of classes including yoga, zumba, kickboxing, boot camps, pilates, water aerobics and other toning classes. There is a class for everyone.

CS: So if you could assign a song to each class which songs would you pick?

AA: Oh that is tough, I think…

Zumba- Pitbull, “Don’t Stop the Party”

Yoga- Sia, “Just Breathe”

Step and Sculpt- Any 80’s song

Barre Blaster- The Black Eyed Peas, “My Humps”

Ab blaster- Beyonce, “Run the World”

Water Aerobics- Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

CS: That’s a really diverse selection of songs. I love the name Group X Fitness, but I’m suggesting a name change to Group X Famous. What do you think?


CS: Imagine! You could give out golden t-shirts that said “Group X Famous” on them.

AA: We actually already give out shirts. If a student attends 30 classes in a semester then they get a free shirt. It’s a different incentive every year, one year we gave out water bottles.

CS: Cool. So obviously we’re in a college environment and realistically college students do not always have the healthiest habits. Do you have any advice for students who are looking to start living a healthier lifestyle?

AA: I would say remember this is for fun and to stay healthy, the main objective is not to get skinny. Fitness can be fun. In the past a group of us have done the electric run and the color run together. It’s fun and it’s about getting fit and feeling good about yourself. I mean can you walk up three flights of stairs and not feel winded? Can you do 20 pushups in a minute? I think it can be surprising how your energy level can change.

CS: That is really awesome and great news for the smokers. How does Group X feel about Generation Y?

AA: No comment.

CS: So the dreaded question: what are your future plans?

AA: Well I have been teaching fitness classes since I graduated in 2011. I realized that I love being in a University setting and that was where I wanted to go with my career. I was just accepted into the Sports Management Masters Program at the Ohio State University. I love the University setting because students have great energy. I also love watching student development and watching the leadership within the program grow.

CS: Well Alice, thanks so much. And to me, Alice, you will always be famous.

AA: Thanks?