Senior outfielder dishes on past injuries, secret nap spots

Sports Editor

Senior Marissa Thome from Sugar Land has been playing softball since she was five. Last season, she led her team with a .406 batting average. 

Shelby Cole: What is your post-grad goal?

Marissa Thome: I ultimately want to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Softball helped me grow as an athlete and a person, so I want to be that positive influence to my players and students. It coincides with my faith; I feel like I’m called to teach and coach.

SC: How does it feel to have your crazy batting average?

MT: It can be a little pressure, but I try not to think about it.

SC: Have you ever been hit by the ball before?

MT: All the time. The worst thing is you can see it coming. You just have to turn into it, don’t tense up and don’t rub it, whatever you do. I have a scar on my hand from the stitches of the ball hitting me in high school.

SC: Any breaks or tears?

MT: Once I was playing for a select team before I came to St. Edward’s. I went to dive for a ball, and first base started running to get it, too. I couldn’t change my direction in the air, and she tried to avoid hitting me. She ran into my arm, tearing my labrum except for a strand. I couldn’t even lift my arm. For the rest of the game, I threw underhand. We didn’t have anybody else to play and my teammates needed me. I had to get surgery, and I was out for months.

SC: Do you see your teammates as family?

MT: You end up growing on each other. We spend every waking moment together in season, when we’re stuck on a bus, or when we travel for, like, 12 hours to Kansas or something. Sometimes we’re like ‘I love you, but I can’t wait to get back to campus so I don’t have to see your face for a day.’ You need the next day off and you don’t miss anybody, but then you realized you missed them for those 24 hours. It’s a really great bond.

SC: What’s it like working with Cat Osterman, pitcher for the U.S. National Team?

MT: It was weird at first; I watched her [when I was] growing up and now she’s here in person. Now, it doesn’t even phase me. I sometimes forget she was in the Olympics. She knows her stuff, but she’s down to earth.

SC: What do you do in your free time?

MT: I study a lot. I also love hanging out with friends. I’m Co-President of FCA here, and that’s a huge part of my life. We do Bible studies and huddles, which is like game night. I’ve been involved with FCA since my freshman year. They’re my second family.

SC: What gets you pumped for a game?

MT: I listen to my Christian rap mix. My favorite Christian rapper is Lecrae. It is upbeat, but the message is still good and helps keep me calm.

SC: Do you have any weird hobbies or habits?

MT: I deal with numbers daily, but I hate odd numbers. When my best friend turns up the TV, she’ll make it stop on a weird number and it freaks me out. I am also partially narcoleptic, apparently … I have so much softball and studying, if I get five minutes I’m going to nap. People make fun of me if I fall asleep in conversation.

SC: What’s your secret on-campus nap spot?

MT: Our dugout. I’ll sleep on those wooden benches any day. Or the women’s locker room. It is mainly for soccer, volleyball and basketball, but they have good nap couches.