Health on the Hilltop: Winter Exercise

Though winter weather is still far out of sight for Austin, the weather has gradually shifted from unbearably hot to mild.

In the past two weeks alone, Austin has seen a full spectrum of weather: downpours, dense humidity and chilly cold fronts. As the weather changes, students who regularly exercise outdoors have to make changes as well.

“I always run outdoors unless it is pouring or I am trying to control my pace,” sophomore Molly Knowles said.

Knowles adds that when the temperature drops, she wears dri-fit jackets with adjustable hoods on her runs.

If you need to be outside in order to have an effective workout, what you wear can help you stay prepared for central Texas’ wishy-washy weather.

As the mornings and afternoons continue to get more and more mild, consider investing in a good pair of multifunctional leggings. Be sure to find a pair that feels comfortable enough to do whatever you do as exercise.

Though you can find leggings for as low as $15, think about paying a little more for a pair that will withstand continuous wash and wear cycles.

When you exercise outdoors, try wearing layers. As your body temperature rises, you can shed layers and still be comfortable. Try wearing materials that wick away sweat from your body, or you will be suffocating in hot weather or shivering when it is cold.

If the slightest chance of rain or chill is enough to drive you inside, there are many other options for keeping up with your exercise routine.

The Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC) and Campus Recreation at St. Edward’s University offer different opportunities for indoor exercise, including a newly renovated gym, group classes like yoga and kickboxing, an indoor pool and raquetball courts.

If the weather is so uncooperative that you do not even want to walk across campus to get to the RCC, there are still ways you can get in your daily exercise from the comfort of your own room.

Smartphone applications like Nike Training Club give you workouts that range in levels from beginner to advanced. You also get rewards based on how many minutes you complete.

You can also look up YouTube channels of exercise instructors. You can find anything from beginner yoga to videos dedicated solely to ab workouts.

Whatever bind the weather puts you in, do not let it interfere with your exercise.