Nike Training Club app makes exercising personal and accessible


Maxime Fort / Creative Commons

The Nike Training Club app offers a variety of lifestyle tips and workouts. The premium version of the app is now indefinitely free for all users.

Exercising and staying healthy can be difficult enough; add the mental struggles of a pandemic and being stuck at home, and exercising seems next to impossible. Luckily, these two free apps make staying healthy fun and simple.

In the first couple months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nike Training Club app made the premium version of their popular fitness app accessible to all. Without charge, the app granted users access to hundreds of at-home workouts. The premium version of this app is now indefinitely free for all users, offering workouts, training programs, healthy lifestyle tips and recipes. 

Whether you have dumbbells, kettlebells, access to a gym or just a small area in your kitchen, the Nike Training Club app has a workout for everyone. I’m currently on my third program with virtual trainer Kirsty Godso and just reached an achievement of 100 total workouts on the app. During the recent abnormal snow days in Houston, I’ve been able to simply bring my weights inside and do some Vinyasa yoga on the app with instructor Alex Silver-Faegan. 

The app offers beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts all ranging from five minutes to an hour. If you only have 30 minutes between class and work, you can take a quick 20-minute restorative yoga flow or a 7-minute “Total Body Desk Detox.” With bodyweight options for a majority of the workouts, you won’t need to purchase weights to feel the burn. 

It’s not just working out that the Nike Training Club app offers. Expert tips from professional trainers are also available, giving users information on meals and nutrition before and after workouts, how to recover, the science behind sleep and health, as well as how to keep a positive mindset. 

In addition, the Nike Training Club’s sibling app, Nike Run Club, has been key in maintaining my sanity during this pandemic. Whether you have access to a treadmill, the gravel track around the soccer field or the sidewalks in your neighborhood, the Nike Run Club will help you love running. I’ve never been an avid runner, but I’ve always enjoyed running during the summers or when I just need a nice pick-me-up. The Nike Run Club has made me love running. 

Now, I’m no athlete, but Nike Running Global Head Coach Chris Bennet has certainly helped me get one step closer to becoming one. Each coach on the app motivates you and coaches your mind and body to make you a better runner than the day before.

My personal favorite run is “A Whole Run,” a 45-minute run with Coach Bennett and Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace. It’s more than just moving your arms and legs; it’s tackling your negative mindset toward yourself and running. Another personal favorite of mine is the “Don’t Wanna Run Run.” This run is exactly what it says. I ran this at least four times during my 45-minute lunch breaks between class and work. It’s a great 25 minute run for when you “don’t wanna run,” but you know you secretly want to. Each run includes a conversation with the coach for a couple minutes, some quiet time to think to yourself during the run and occasional check-ins and countdowns. 

Sometimes, even the quick workouts and runs allow me to tackle the monotonous cycle of class, class, class, work, work, work. Whenever I find time for these exercises, I notice I am much more motivated to push through another day during this pandemic.