Knowing Your SGA: SGA sets new rule for recall process

Staff Writer

The St. Edward’s University Student Government Association, SGA, discussed two pieces of legislation in a public forum on Oct. 18.

The first bill passed was the Fair Change Act. This act deals with the recall process of those holding SGA office. According to the Fair Change Act, a student government official can be recalled if a petition is submitted with the signatures of 15 percent of the entire student body. This would amount to 810 signatures.

If this petition succeeds, the recalled member can still run in the special election, and the member will stay in office until the special election occurs and a new official is elected. This is to ensure that there will never be a vacancy in the office.

In the spring 2012 semester, students circulated a petition on campus in an attempt to recall former President Vianney Becerra and Vice President Ryan Villarreal.

“We are trying to find a middle ground between how to respect the students and how to respect the office as well,” Gabriel Puente, author of the bill, said.

The members of SGA voted unanimously to pass this bill.

Another bill involved an upcoming Halloween party at the Casa residence hall. The bill would move money from the legislative budget to contribute to the party.

“This is our way of contributing to the Resident Hall Association, RHA,” Octavio Sanchez, a student senator, said.

The party is taking place on Oct. 29. The RHA plans to use this money for decorations and making the Casa a haunted house.

The senate also welcomes Victoria Ochoa, the newly-appointed service director for SGA.