Club soccer improves on previous record

She glanced to her side and slithered her way past the opposing team’s defenders before shooting the ball directly into the goal, sinking what would be the first of many goals to come.

The St. Edward’s University women’s club soccer team has had a successful year, particularly in comparison to the previous one.

“We are playing a lot of different teams this year,” vice president and sophomore Erica Ann Panado said. “We have played teams like Baylor and UTSA, and we have won against Texas A&M-Texarkana and SFA. Last year, the teams we played from the beginning were strong and well established, but this year it is better competition. We also have a lot of great forwards on the team, along with six freshmen. In the game against Texarkana, three of the goals were scored by freshmen.” 

Along with making a name for itself among competing teams, the women’s club soccer team is also developing a name for itself on campus.

“This is only our second real season,” club president and junior Nicole Wellman said. “We were so new last year; this year we had way more people come to tryouts, and we have an actual coach this year.”

More than anything, this team has tasted success, and they will not stop until they get to the top.

“When we play other teams and actually win, it is a good feeling,” Wellman said. “Our first games with UT and Texas State just blew us away, but on teams we can actually compete with, our success is really encouraging.”

The members of the Hilltop’s women’s club soccer team share memories of their past season but only have time for positivity moving forward.

“It is only our second year, and we are only going to keep getting better,” Panado said. “I’d really like to see us qualify for an out-of-state tournament this year.”