Intramurals add soccer and volleyball to the ranks


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Each year, new sports are added to the St. Edward’s University intramural program. This year is no different.

This fall, outdoor soccer will join the likes of flag football, basketball and tennis for the intramural sports tournaments. Indoor soccer has been a part of the program for the past two spring semesters, but this year they have decided to include a 7 vs. 7 outdoor soccer tournament. In the past, indoor soccer has not been an intramural favorite.

Senior Jordan Yuson, the intramural sports manager, notes the lack of participants in indoor soccer but is hopeful that outdoor soccer will see growth in popularity. This semester the tournament will determine whether outdoor soccer can be a league sport for fall 2013.

“We have not had a remarkable amount of registrations. We have had six to eight teams through each of the last two years. I hope that the numbers increase,” Yuson said. “We have to gauge the market value of it, how many people are participating in it and is it worth it to have a season.”

Unlike soccer, the intramural volleyball league continues to be one of the most popular leagues in the program. Since there is such a high demand for volleyball, the intramural program is making it easier for people to play multiple games.

“Last year we had about 10 or 12 teams for volleyball. This year we have 15. That’s a great improvement,” Yuson said.  “This is the first time we have ever done this, but we are going to be running two courts at once. Two courts of volleyball in the RCC… It is pretty exciting.” 

Senior Sam Gonzales, volleyball captain for the team “How I Set Your Mother,” explains that part of volleyball’s popularity among the student body has a lot to do with camaraderie.

“I think there is a sense of community if you participate in an intramural sport. I have played with my teammates for almost three-plus years,” Gonzales said. “Not only have I grown to know these people, but also I actually do hang out with them. It is also a good way to get involved.”

Campus Recreation offers other intramural sports as well. For more information about intramural programs, find SEUCampusRecreation on Facebook  or follow @SEUCampusRec on Twitter.