Intramural basketball teams stir up friendly competition


Intramural basketball finished out strong with games coming down to the wire. Every team was eager to win.

There were men’s divisions, co-ed divisions and for the first time, a women’s division. From the players to the refs and even the coordinator, there was much participation in the 2015 season. Although many teams entered, there could only be one winner.

In the championship game for the recreational league, it was an intense game all around. Many players were up against their friends and that is what makes the game so much more exciting.

Coordinator of intramural leagues Mike Rubbo, who also played on the winning team, enjoys getting out and playing with friends.

“The best part of the game was everyone on the court (is) friends (with each other). We were cheering for each other,” he said. “It was less competitive in the sense that we were wanting to beat our best friends.”

Rubbo has been a participant of intramurals for a few years, which is why he decided to work for Campus Recreation.

“I had so much fun as a player, I wanted to make sure (students) had the same experience.”

Even the referees had a lot to say about this season. Sophomore referee Jared Taylor watched player’s skills grow all year and had to remain objective when refereeing friends.

“It was a tough challenge but constructive and character-building to ref basketball,” Taylor said. “I learned teamwork and I really had to be neutral since a lot of the my friends were the players”.

The season was a fun one, according to senior Collin Betori. He had a unique way of talking about his team when talking about his season.

“If I had to describe our team, I’d say we’re like Go-Gurt: not the best, but your mom packs us in your lunchbox and we’re fun.”

In the last seconds of the co-recreational championship game, junior Darius Douglas made a huge play, hitting a two-pointer to tie the game and force overtime.

“I knew the last shot was going in before I shot it, so I wasn’t surprised at all,” Douglas said.

Douglas’ team would go on and win the game in overtime. He believes it was a full team effort.

“I trusted my teammates and knew with our combined efforts we’d come out on top,” he said. They definitely did come out on top and making a statement in intramurals with their triple victory.

“I had so much fun as a player,” Douglas said, when asked why he does what he does for campus recreation. “I wanted to make sure they had the same experience.”