Intramural basketball tips off, soccer kicks off friendly competition

As the air begins to cool and the sun seems to go down earlier, you know it’s that time of year: soccer and basketball intramurals. The intramural soccer and basketball season kicked off on Oct. 25 and is in full swing.

Junior Julian Chicoine is captain of the Basil Moreau Hall co-rec basketball team and hopes to lead his team to victory.

“It’s a fun time to be able to take a break and play with my residents. They’re really good and I hope we can make it to the finals this year,” he says.

The game is exactly geared towards that, a fun escape to enjoy time with your friends. Basketball teams get together every Sunday night in the RCC with games beginning at 7 p.m.

Sophomore Arthur Flores is on a men’s and co-rec basketball teams and enjoys the competition.

“It’s really fun to be able to compete on both sides of the spectrum. [The men’s league] takes it very serious and co-rec is all about enjoying yourself with friends,” Flores said.

This friendly atmosphere created by intramurals is not only on the court, but on the fields as well. Intramural soccer just had their first game Nov. 1, after a week delay due to heavy rain. Games take place Sundays on the lower soccer field in the afternoon.

Intramurals gives groups of friends a chance to stay together and compete for years to come. Now a junior, Matt Dechant was the captain his freshman Teresa Hall squad, but still competes with some of his old friends.

“It’s cool to get previous players from our old freshmen dorm together and still play just like we did outside of T-House back when we were freshmen,” Dechant said. “The friendly competition and fun is why I always come back.”

Whether or not you’ve played basketball or soccer, it’s always a good time to get out and get active. Opportunities like basketball and soccer give students who may not be familiar with the sport a chance to simply go out and play for the first time.

Not only do the games create new friendships, but also can reunite old ones and help build up a community.

Campus Recreation leads the intramural program, and ensures the games are open to all St. Edward’s University students and faculty to come out and be active.