Culinary celebrity Anthony Bourdain gets a taste of Austin


During a recent episode of “No Reservations, ”Anthony Bourdain said a “hipster apocalypse” hit Austin. Bourdain kicked off the final season of his award-winning show “No Reservations” in Austin during the South by Southwest Festival. The episode aired Sept. 3 on the Travel Channel.

Bourdain focused on bands and food, but overall wanted to figure out what makes Austin so beloved and bizarre.

The show’s first stop was at Barley Swine, where Bourdain was accompanied by the rock trio Ume. They feasted on food that was more on the fancy side with dishes such as foie gras, fried shrimp heads and grilled chicken testicles. 

Next, he went to the famous Franklin BBQ. Bourdain was simply amazed by the quality of the meat, calling it a “religious experience of BBQ” and “far and away, the best I’ve ever had.” 

He visited Perla’s to have the trigger fish and an octopus dish with the head chefs. They spoke about how the one thing that does not work in Austin is high-end restaurants.

Next, he focused on the city’s iconic food trucks, where he was surprised by the variety and quality of food that can come from these restaurants on wheels. 

While at his favorite trailer, El Taco Rico, he savored their dove enchiladas and barbacoa.  

He went on to travel to different restaurants in Austin with the company of different bands. He had fish tacos at Quality Seafood Market with The Sword respectively. 

With Neon Indians, Bourdain dined on Mexican pastries and pork chops at La Mexicana Bakery. 

With legendary guitarist Alejandro Escovedo, Bourdain had cabrito, or goat neck, for dinner at El Azteca. 

The final stop was with The Golden Boys at Texas Chili Parlor, the band’s favorite restaurant. 

This episode really sought to spark the viewer’s interest in trying the more unique foods in Austin as opposed to the famous hamburger and pizza places on South Congress. 

Bourdain seemed to really love the city of Austin and all it offers, stating that it was “a great week of music, fantastic food and partying with a bunch of cool new rock star friends.” This episode reminded Austinites why they love their hometown so much and of the unique foods from all the wonderful local eateries.