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‘Identity’ Graphic Design Senior Exhibition showcases interactive art projects

Myrka Moreno, Social Media Editor

February 5, 2019

Senior graphic design students showcased their projects in the latest Fine Arts gallery show “Identity.” Students designed prototypes of products to demonstrate the skills they have learned and refined throughout their ...

The art behind the art

Samantha Carrizal

September 28, 2016

When walking into the Fine Arts building, you’ll immediately come across an open gallery filled with abstract and interesting art. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, a pair of headphones look as if they’re waiting to be touched....

Branding yourself is not just for cows anymore, apparently

November 6, 2015

Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff.Entering college, many students meet difficult tasks, like declari...

Graphic design exhibition provides interactive experience


February 8, 2015

Guns, culture, color, music and art converge at “10,000 Hours,” St. Edward’s Graphic Design Senior Exhibition.The on-campus exhibition, which saw huge crowds of parents, friends and general art enthusiasts through its na...

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