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Camp counselor’s first tattoo inspired by pivotal summer work experience


September 18, 2015

Junior Caitlin Laughlin recently got her first tattoo, inspired by her time working at Akron Rotary Camp for children and adults with special needs.Laughlin has worked at the camp for almost three years now, and recently got ...

Tattoo of a Biblical scripture inspires senior to think of God

Copy Editor

September 11, 2015

Senior Shelbi Young has a tattoo on the top of her foot as a reminder not to ever give up. The tattoo says “Walk by Faith” and also has a cross next to it.She got her tattoo in October 2013, shortly after moving to Austin...

Criminal justice student places tattoos strategically to avoid judgement in future jobs

Staff Writer

December 1, 2014

Although Johnny Rutherford has many tattoos, he especially points to two that represent the love he has for his mother and his appreciation for life.   “I was 17 years old when I received my first tattoo,” said Rutherford...

Senior admires photography, art history with two tattoos

Staff Writer

November 14, 2014

Some people get tattoos to preserve a memory. Others seek to color the bare canvas that is their skin. On the other hand, Deanna Crane, a senior photo-communications major at St. Edward’s University, has gotten tattoos for ...

Freshman gets floral tattoo to represent family, individuality


September 28, 2014

Two recurring themes usually appear in tattoo meanings.People often get tattoos that identify with their true selves, or honor a family member and/or tradition.Freshman Ayanna Edwards has a beautiful tattoo on her left should...

Topper Tats: Sophomore’s appreciation for Hinduism inspires “om” tattoo


September 18, 2014

It’d be quite the challenge to find someone who hasn’t ever heard of or come across the concept of “om”, whether it be in yoga class or in media or perhaps even while traveling abroad. "Om", according to the Hindu scriptur...

Topper Tats: More is more for inked freshman


September 14, 2014

Annie Timar is a freshman here at St. Edward’s and has something that sets her apart from the rest: she has not one but nineteen tattoos.July 2013 was when she got her first tattoo; the day after her eighteenth birthday.Her first t...

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