Club Sports return to campus with COVID-19 precautions in place


The St. Edward’s club climbing team on an adventure.

With club sports up and running at St. Edward’s, athletes shared their thoughts on what it feels like to be back on the field with their respective teams after more than a year-long hiatus. 

Freshmen Loic Shyaka, who is part of the men’s club soccer team, shared how he has no reservations about the upcoming season. However, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, the men’s club soccer team is still learning to adapt to these changes.  “We still manage to make it work…that’s the great thing about having classwork, we are always connected,” Shyaka said. 

Having played soccer for the past three years, Shyaka is eager and mildly cautious of being part of the team during a pandemic.  “I’m probably excited to see the other competition, how they feel with the new COVID rules, and how they unfold, and how we get back in full shape,”Shyaka said.

With this being Shayaka’s first year, he is most looking forward to representing St. Edward’s, especially as they take on league rivals. “As a freshman, I haven’t seen them play, and it’s probably going to be one of my first times playing outside other college schools,” Shayaka said.  

For students interested in joining the men’s club soccer team, “experience is needed, but everyone is welcome to join. You just have to try hard, practice hard, and enjoy. As our captain always says, ‘Have fun. If you’re not having fun, why are you here?’ ”, Shyaka said. 

Senior Andrew Ordonez, who is a member of the co-ed climbing team, is most excited about the social aspects of being part of a team. “Seeing all my teammates and getting to actually do practice, and have fun with them,” Ordonez said. 

With two years of climbing experience already under his belt, Ordonez is relaxed yet eager about the upcoming season. According to Ordonez, the only way COVID-19 has impacted the co-ed climbing team’s approach to practice is “masks, that’s the only major difference,” according to Ordonez. “Everybody’s ready to get back into it. Everyone is vaccinated and wears masks, so it is not an issue,” Ordonez said. 

Unlike Shyaka, who said prior experience with the sport was necessary to join, Ordonez said that women and men’s climbing prior experience is not a requirement. “You do not need prior experience. We actually just had tryouts and several of them have never climbed before,” Ordonez said. 

Club Sports teams are taking a different approach, unlike any other in the past. But one thing still remains–the undying passion that these players have for their sport. And if that passion can survive a pandemic–St. Edward’s is in good hands.