Mexic-Arte Museum honors National Hispanic Heritage with ofrendas and art

By: Analisa Flores


“Ofrenda Típica de Michoacán” and created by Maria Eugenia Flores

National Hispanic Heritage month runs from Wednesday, Sept. 15 to Friday, Oct. 15. The Mexic-Arte Museum located in downtown Austin features multiple exhibits centered around Día de los Muertos also known as Day of the Dead. 

The main ofrenda at the museum is the “Ofrenda Típica de Michoacán,” created by Maria Eugenia Flores.​ The altar features many traditional features like “earth, wind, water and fire”

The Earth is represented by fruits. Flores believed the aroma of the harvest feeds the souls. Wind is represented by the papel picado (paper banners) that move with the breeze. Water is placed in a container for the soul to quench its thirst after its long journey. Fire is represented by the candles. A lit candle represents each soul, and an extra one is placed for the forgotten soul. Salt is also an ingredient placed at the altar signifying purification. 



The ofrenda features earth, fire and salt in the shape of a cross. (Analisa Flores)