BSA Paint Night fosters creativity and community


The members of BSA attending the event took great pains to ensure everyone felt welcome and comfortable. They spoke to those passing by the table and encouraged them to participate, and when people arrived to paint they gathered all the necessary materials.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon on April 13 when members of the St. Edward’s community sprawled out on the Ragsdale lawn and began to paint. The supply table was laden with all the colors, brushes and papers they would need. There was only one rule: BYOB (bring your own blanket).

No artistic ability was required to attend the event hosted by the Black Student Alliance, and participants were allowed to draw whatever they wanted. With two hours to complete their work, some of the attendees even opted to paint multiple pictures. 

While it can be embarrassing to express oneself artistically in a crowd, none of the attendees shied away from sharing their drawings. The comfortable atmosphere made it clear that no one would be judged. One of the painters proudly stated that if he was in the 1800s, there would be crowds around him in awe of his work.