Students get their groove on at PRIDE club’s first Queer Prom


Emily Nichols, the vice president of PRIDE, said the event was for “queer adults who didn’t get to experience prom or who didn’t get to experience prom as themselves.”

The St. Edward’s University PRIDE club held its first “Queer Prom” on Saturday. Students were encouraged to dress up for the event’s Studio 54 theme (70s clothing) and to dance and mingle with other students. 

“We’ve wanted to host a prom for a few years now,” PRIDE president Nyla Pete said. “When I became president of the club, prom was one of my top goals.” Pete said they chose the Studio 54 theme after it was recommended to them by a member of PRIDE for its fun dancing atmosphere and its connections to queer history. The night involved conga lines, soul-train dancing and even lip-syncing to some iconic songs. Snacks and photo booths were some exciting features at the dance.