Black-owned Austin businesses deliver quality, delicious products


Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

Cranky Granny’s mocha and wet walnut rolls are two of their signatures. The shop specializes in speciality cinnamon rolls, with a variety of different flavors.

February is Black History Month, and now is the perfect time to appreciate local black-owned businesses. Austin has several businesses that have black owners worth checking out, but two in particular are really making their mark in the community. 

Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls

Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls started in New Jersey when owner Sianni Dean was only 15 years old. Over the course of eight years,  Crank Granny’s has developed a large fan base and opened a storefront. They started out selling their treats in another restaurant but have since opened up their own storefront in The Domain. 

The shop specializes in specialty cinnamon rolls, with flavors such as cookies and cream, mocha and banana pudding. Their cinnamon rolls come in both regular and mini sizes. They also offer both hot and cold drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate as well as frozen coffee and milkshakes. 

Cranky Granny’s loves to reward their customers, and they provide a very welcoming environment with the kindness of their staff. They are very active on social media with deals and potential perks for their customers. The shop also has occasional secret menu items, with last season’s specialty as cheesecake-stuffed cinnamon rolls. There is never a shortage of delicious treats or combinations to try at this amazing place. 

JP’s Pancake Company 

JP’s Pancake Company is a food truck located in West Campus that serves up delicious, unique pancakes and drinks. Located outdoors, there is a great seating area with other food trucks surrounding it. Despite overcoming initial challenges, JP’s is making a name for itself in the community.

“Challenges are just normal challenges like everyone else,” owner JP Udenenwu said. “Figuring out where to start, and how to get customers to try your brand, while being on a limited budget.”

JP’s cinnamon roll pancake was a hit while it was available. New specials are featured at the food truck every month. (Isabella Bass/Hilltop Views)

They have an assortment of lemonade flavors (peach, raspberry, strawberry etc.) and they recently added both chocolate and regular milk. They also recently renovated their menu with all-new pancake flavor/ topping combinations. There’s an option for everyone, whether you want something salty or fruity. The Lovey Dovey pancake is very fruity with raspberries, strawberries and strawberry syrup and the McConaughey gives a more salty vibe with bacon and crushed graham crackers. 

In addition to iconic menu staples, there is an option where customers can customize their pancakes. Customers can add white, milk or dark chocolate, an assortment of syrup options (chocolate, maple, honey, blueberry) and a variety of other toppings and spreads (cookie butter spread, cake icing spread, bananas, blackberries, pecans). 

These are two Black-owned local businesses that are definitely worth checking out, their hard work definitely shines through with the quality of their products. These are amazing places to highlight during Black History Month, and to visit anytime.