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OPINION: Swift-Kelce romance is the unlikely love story we never knew we needed, despite opposition

Keira Lee / Hilltop Views

News and social media outlets were sent into a frenzy after they saw sparks fly between superstar Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Swift was spotted in a box seat at a Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 24. It didn’t take long before the public suspected a romance was forming between the two.

Though the two of them had not had any known interactions prior to September, Kelce tried to get Taylor’s attention earlier this year. Kelce attended Swift’s “The Eras Tour” on July 8 when she performed at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Kelce later revealed on a podcast with his brother that he wanted to meet Swift after her show but was unable to. He was discouraged because he wanted to hand her a friendship bracelet he made, which had his phone number on it.

Jump to early September, the two were rumored to be “discreetly” hanging out. Suspicions were confirmed when Swift showed up and cheered on Kelce at three of his games so far, and the two were later seen together publicly after the game against the Chicago Bears ended.

Since the Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears, her appearances at Chiefs games became frequent, drawing a lot of attention to her, Kelce and the NFL. NFL broadcasters frequently acknowledged her presence during games’ broadcasts, showing footage of her interacting with Kelce’s mom and cheering with other fans.

Swift’s appearance has also caught the attention of her extremely large fan base, referred to as “Swifties.” NFL reporters even snuck in some of her popular song lyrics as commentary during the game. The romance has also drawn a lot more attention to the NFL. Swifties, me included, have taken an interest in watching the Chiefs games, and though I am watching the game for Taylor, I am also willing to try to understand the game more. 

Game attendance has also been through the roof, as many Swifties are attending the games in hopes to catch a glimpse of Swift. On Oct. 2, the game between the Chiefs and the Jets became the most-watched NFL game since Super Bowl LVII.

Though Swifties have found excitement and voiced support for the romance between Swift and Kelce, many Chiefs and other NFL football fans have had other opinions on the attention their relationship is causing. 

Some are even accusing Swift of dating Kelce as a publicity stunt, based on her extensive dating history, which I find irrelevant as those were in the past, and people should leave it that way. 

I have been a Swiftie for many years and know a lot about her music and her life. The men she has been with in the past were in the music and film industry, and many have used her to pass her up on the industry’s ladder. It was even rumored that some of them ended their fling with her because they felt “overwhelmed” by her success.

When I heard about her supposed romance with a football player, it was unexpected match, but it seemed genuine. Swift deserves someone who understands her fame, but will support her without being intimidated by her success. 

The support that she and Kelce have for each other is evident to the public. I feel like they both needed that sense of support and understanding in a relationship.

From Kelce’s unique friendship bracelet gesture, the photos of them on dates, and the fact that both of their numbers make a perfect 100 (Kelce’s number is 87 and Swift’s lucky number is 13), many of us fans are hopeful that their love story stays enchanted. 

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