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Weekly SGA senate brief: Nov. 29, 2023

Student Government Association inducts new members, president, vice president for spring 2024
Chloe Almendarez / Hilltop Views
Students gather in Mabee Ballroom to witness the induction ceremony and the weekly senate meeting. The meeting was led by former SGA vice president Matthew Gerrets.

Here’s what happened at the Student Government Associations formal senate meeting on Nov. 29, 2023.

This week’s senate meeting was modified to be a special senate meeting to host the induction ceremony for new senate members, SGA president and SGA vice president for the 2024 spring semester. 

For this special senate meeting, financials were presented an hour earlier than usual to allow for the ceremony to begin at its normal start time.



– A funding request from the Psychological Society to host a guest speaker event featuring Carlos Castaneda, Ph.D, on Dec. 1 (approved);

– A funding request from Math Club to host a science enthusiast camaraderie and competition event on Nov. 30 (approved);

– A funding request from first generation scholars to co-host a group study session with the College Assistance Migrant Program (approved);

– A funding request from Better Us for an introductory club meeting (approved).


A final roll call at 6:19 p.m. signified the end of the special senate meeting.


Induction Ceremony

At 7:01 p.m. the induction ceremony began with the adjournment of the 2022-2023 legislative session by 2022-2023 Vice President Matthew Gerrets. 

Gerrets kick-started the ceremony with welcoming remarks, highlighting SGA accomplishments from this semester including the adding of QR codes around campus to identify maintenance concerns and the addition of SGA sponsored tailgating events before sports games. 

Gerrets wished a farewell to SGA, honoring the meaningful time students spend involved with the organization. 

“St. Edward’s means more than just a classroom to them,” Gerrets said. “For them it means home.” 

Afterwards, SGA Advisor Dawson Pressel awarded SGA seniors Ethan Tobias, Matthew Gerrets and Breze Reyes graduation cords to commemorate their time in the Student Government Association while at St. Edward’s.

Next, SGA President Ethan Tobias made introductory remarks to the ceremony that included special thanks for the students, faculty and staff who have contributed key support to the success of the SGA during Tobias’ presidency.

Student Government Association President Mikayla Pastrano stands before the senate to take the Oath of Office during the second portion of the weekly senate meeting. (Chloe Almendarez)

“I am proud of the legacy I am leaving behind…but in no doubt will it be continued by student leaders that follow,” Tobias said. “It’s the people that make this place so special.”

Following his speech, Tobias inducted junior Mikayla Pastrano as the spring 2024 SGA president, and sophomore Justin Trevino as the spring 2024 SGA vice president. 

The ceremony concluded with closing remarks given by Pastrano, transitioning to the final phase of the ceremony, Trevino’s first meeting as the leader of the senate. This senate meeting moved to induct new members of student government. The new members inducted were junior Jake Hammerslough, chief of staff, junior Christine Stewart, Big Event registration executive, senior Liberty Vela, communications director, and senior Kiernan Grones, associate communications director.

Each new member was nominated by Trevino and then motioned for induction by members of the senate. The inductions were confirmed through the taking of an oath of office by the new members. 

The ceremony concluded with a final senate roll call at 7:39 p.m. 


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