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FAREWELL: How to say goodbye with a lump in your throat

Senior Life and Arts / Photo Editor, Kennady Basdekis-Morin

To my Hilltop Views family, 

When it comes to saying farewell, I struggle to find the words as the lump in my throat enlarges, and the tears stream down my face as I write this to you.

The path to becoming the first person in my family to earn a college degree, let alone becoming an editor of an esteemed newspaper, was not one I could have foreseen eight years ago. College was a pipe dream, a playground for the affluent, something out of reach and unobtainable. But somehow, with the love and support of my family, I managed to find myself here, at St. Edward’s, with you all. 

Since my adolescence, a pen and a camera were always in hand. Whether it was jotting down thoughts in loosely protected journals, doodling on the sides of notepads or taking photos of friends, I always felt comfortable with these tools -– documenting every clumsy step along the way. Little did I know that my passion for storytelling would turn into the experience of a lifetime.

As this ever-winding path upon the hilltop unfolded, I came to find that when we embrace the growing pains of ‘becoming,’ we inevitably find out where we belong. For me, the second floor of Holy Cross in the Hilltop Views office is where I belong. Within these quaint four walls, I found my voice, my tribe and the honor of truth-telling through well-copy edited sentences. 

My position as Life & Arts/Photo editor for this publication has been a full circle moment; from covering protests to school events to winning my first Texas Intercollegiate Press Association award, the joys of being a part of something so much bigger than myself have harnessed a lot of joy and honor for me. Every minute spent in late-night productions, pitching stories at budget meetings or editing photos till kingdom come has led me to find my path as a journalist and leader. The opportunity to amplify the voices of our community will remain a high achievement during my time with Hilltop Views. 

To Jena Heath and Dr. Curt Yowell, your expertise and guidance have allowed me to flourish in a newsroom environment where I once thought I had no business being. Your ability to see potential and hone in on it — nourishing it to its fullest — has shaped my reporting skills and my ability to believe in myself. I have become the storyteller I always aspired to be. Without your consistency and unwavering support, I am unsure if I would’ve ever understood the weight that a voice, or projecting voices, holds. For this, I am forever grateful.

To my fellow newsroom warriors: Claire Lawrence, Sienna Wight, Chloe Almendarez, Melissa Gunning, Lola Claire, Max Hoelker, Dalia Zamora and Scarlett Houser, I am at a loss at where to begin. So much of our time spent together has become such a core part of my life. From laughing deliriously through productions, cranking out beautiful, eloquent print issues and brainstorming ways to elevate our beloved publication, I could not have asked for a better team. We have set a standard that has set us apart from many other collegiate outlets, and none of this could have been possible without our dedication, effort and passion. As the years roll on, I hope we remain in touch as I know in my heart that everyone on this team is off to take the world by storm. You all have taught me so much. 

Claire, captain, my captain, your steadfast dedication and journalistic skill never cease to amaze me. It has been an honor to not only call you my boss but also my friend. Your trust and confidence in me as a leader and section editor have given me such pride in my work and in myself – thank you.

Sienna, your empathy and patience are a safe haven for many of us in and out of the newsroom. You are a safe place to land, and someone we can all rely on when we need a hug. I hope you always remember just how beautiful of a person you are, and how your gifts uplift those around you. 

Chloe, your conscientiousness and tenacity are the glue that keeps this ship above water, ensuring no detail goes left unreviewed, unchecked or unorganized. You are a force to be reckoned with and are definitely taking over the world someday, and I cannot wait to see what comes of it. 

Melissa, your ability to meet everyone where they are and positively influence the newsroom is a skill many in corporate America fall short of. You are the prime example of taking a challenge head-on and doing so with grace. Watching you take on the Sports editor position as someone with a predominantly psychology background, learning the ropes of the newsroom and turning it out every day has been such a pleasure — you are destined to do great things, my friend.

Lola, your whimsical nature and give-it-all-you-got attitude are such a radiant light within the office. I hope your time as the new Life & Arts Editor is filled with as much gratification as mine was. You are so talented and caring, and I am confident you will continue to carry the torch and lead our publication to success. 

Max, Dalia and Scarlett, your attention to detail and overall collaboration with our newspaper contribute to so much of our success as a college media outlet. The talents and passion you all bring to the table never go unnoticed and have elevated our publication to a whole new level. Your commitment to making Hilltop Views the best it can be is greatly appreciated.

To our newest staff members, I am eager to see where you all take Hilltop Views next. You have dedicated so much time, energy and talent to shaping this paper; without you all, we would be half of a whole, so I am beyond grateful for the triumphs we have accomplished this semester.

It’s needless to say I would go through every misstep, self-doubt and sleepless night all over again if it meant I got to be a part of this publication just one more time. For me, Hilltop Views has been a safe place to land during these times of uncertainty. It has given me the tools to be confident as a journalist and know that as time goes on, I will always have a place to call home.

This is not a goodbye, but a see you later. 

Thank you for everything,

Kennady Basdekis-Morin

Oli-Bo-Boli is our handy dandy newspaper delivery boy. He is also the good-est boy (Kennady Basdekis-Morin / Hilltop Views)
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About the Contributor
Kennady Basdekis-Morin, Photo and Life/Arts Editor
Kennady Basdekis-Morin is a Senior Photo-communications major minoring in Journalism and Graphic Design.
She considers herself a student of life, learning and embracing the little things from an anthropologic perspective. Her enthusiasm for storytelling comes from documenting the sacred moments and rituals that make us human and constantly being on the search for what bonds us together. She aspires to be a photojournalist for National Geographic and other publications such as Travel & Leisure. This is her second year as Photo and Life/Arts Editor for "Hilltop Views," and she is looking forward to a great semester.

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