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FAREWELL: Sports editor says goodbye to the newsroom

Melissa, along with the rest of the Hilltop Views editorial staff, poses in front of the iconic red doors. Melissa walks out these same doors, out into the working world, with all of the knowledge and compassion that she gained in the Hilltop Views newsroom.

To this unexpected love of mine,

I didn’t know that I would be a journalist, let alone a Sports Editor for my university’s newspaper. Then again, my collegiate journey has been filled with twists and turns. When I applied to St. Edward’s, it was as a business major with the impression that I should’ve chosen English. Instead, I switched to Behavioral Neuroscience in my online-only freshman year – admittedly, that was more for housing that I didn’t even use. Now I end my undergraduate years with a degree in Psychology. Sounds like a crazy ride right? However, a constant in the midst of all of that chaos was a passion for writing. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that I migrated to journalism.

A little over a year ago, I attended my first budget meeting and wrote my first story. It baffles me that I’ve been with the publication for such a short time. Truth be told, I almost didn’t go, almost left journalism unexplored, almost missed the immense blessings that come with being at Hilltop Views.

Sometimes I think about if I had missed that meeting. Would I have sought out the publication? However, hypotheticals are a dangerous territory for me, wrought with plot-holes covered by flimsy what-ifs. 

Too often I look forward to future opportunities without appreciating the benefits of the here and now. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude as I think about my time at this publication.

To Claire Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief extraordinaire and fearless leader, I owe a tremendous thank you. You are the reason that I came to know about Hilltop Views at all. Your dedication and ambition challenged me to not only be a better journalist but a better leader in the newsroom. My accomplishments and joys in this newsroom could not have begun without you. Again, thank you.

I cannot help but smile when thinking of my fellow editors: Chloe Almendarez, Sienna Wight, Kennedy Basdekis-Morin, Lola Claire, Max Hoelker and Dalia Zamora. The nights spent editing, formatting and fighting InDesign were always filled with laughter, songs and rapid mouse-clicking; the days often sounded the same. These sounds are the heartbeat of our office and will echo through my memories of you all fondly.

To Anna Pratts, my successor as Sports Editor, I know you will raise this section to completely new heights. Being your editor has been wonderful, and I cannot wait to see how the section thrives under your leadership. May creativity and confidence guide as you come into this new role.

To the staff members, both new and seasoned, I have enjoyed the enthusiasm and dedication that you bring to the newspaper. Even as I graduate and know that the newsroom will inevitably change, I know that it will only be for the better because you are all a part of it.

To Hilltop Views, a publication filled with bold, curious and ambitious journalists: you were unexpected – an accidental discovery – like the most beautiful things in life often are. As this chapter of my life comes to a close, another begins, and I enter it with confidence. These two words are not nearly enough, but I use them anyway. Thank you.

Signing off with a bittersweet smile,

Melissa Rae.

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About the Contributor
Melissa Gunning, Sports Editor
Melissa Gunning is graduating this December with a degree in psychology, minor in writing and rhetoric and certificate in evidence-based addiction counseling. When she isn't writing or subconsciously psychoanalyzing, Melissa is probably doing the Wordle. Her favorite sports to cover are rugby and baseball.

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