Proud quotes

Nia Delmast: “I just feel like black women specifically are just a very strong demographic,” Delmast said. “And I feel like we’re really taking ownership of who we are and defying stereotypes and embracing ourselves. It’s really beautiful to see, and I’m glad to be a part of that.”

Hindi Alotaibi: “I feel like the country itself, the achievements of it, the education they’ve developed, the position that they have right now among other countries in the world,” Alotaibi said about his national pride “They’re one of the best, and that’s special.”

Noel Luna: “I have everything to be proud of,” Luna said on how he feels about his race. “I feel that Mexicans don’t get enough credit for what we are. Sometimes I was taught that Mexicans weren’t so smart or the best at this or the best at that, but I feel like I’ve proved all those people wrong…broken all those stereotypes.”